Thursday, July 16, 2009

dresses, ties, and tea

A couple days ago my friend Kerou had a 50's style tea party at her house in Irvine. All the guests arrived wearing whatever they could find in their wardrobes that resembled 50's attire. It was a cute party that basically culminated in an intense, difficult game of scrabble between myself, Celia and David. As it turns out, we all needed help and each of us were assisted by friends. We had a difficult time playing mostly due to the lack of larger establishing words.

Anyway it was a lot of fun and for someone who has been spending far too much time going out and looking for big excitement, this was surprisingly the best way to spend the afternoon and left me feeling socially tapped out - possibly more so than I might have at some LA club filled with LA people. I also find it to be the most fun when everyone has a reason to get dressed up and take pictures that doesn't necessarily involve drinking.

In other news, I am doing some couple pictures this weekend up in LA. I'll be sure to post a few of those. I am also heading down to San Diego to do some club photography at the House of Blues. Should be interteresting as I've never been there. I'll have updates about both of these happenings.

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Amber said...

as you well know, a dressed-up party is my preferred recreational activity.

cheap, easy and memorable.