Wednesday, March 28, 2007

no more delays

so now here's an update:
-Two new projects are in the works. I will not be posting about them as they develop like usual but I will post about them when they are done. Suffice to say, I am extremely excited and they are going to take all of my time. I might post a little though...but nothing that gives the project away too much.

-I am going to start posting again about other photographers as I find information, hopefully I'll have a new post up by the end of this week. Once I've posted more about other photography then I'll post again about my own.

-I graduate this year! I don't know where this will take me at this point but I'm hoping to go north or far west. New places, new faces.

-I don't really keep up with totalrandom blog at all so I might from time to time start posting stand alone pictures that do not require contextual explanation.

that's all I suppose!