Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ouka Lele and Creative Portraiture

"The Hairdresser's" Serious. From top right: "Electric Shavers," "Lemons," "Squid," and "Turtles" (1979)

Sel-Portrait with Water (1980) Ouka Lele is quite inspiring as a portrait photographer because her art is so unique and creative. She found her niche by combining her two favorite mediums, photography and painting. Lele would take these outrageous photos and then paint them to look vibrant and surreal.

Lele was born in Madrid, Spain in 1957. She has become one of the best known spanish artists in photography and printmaking; however, i have had trouble finding much more information about her so this post will primarily be just a showcase of her work.

"Escuela De Romanos" (1980), "The Kiss" (1980)

"Nude With Newspapers" (1981)

"The Sound of Someone You Love Who is Going Away and it Doesn't Matter" (1990), "Untitled (Maria with Shoes)" (1992)