Sunday, December 27, 2009

standing here on this frozen lake...

it's christmas in california...
but it's especially christmas in virginia where there is not only snow but a beautiful frozen lake for me to slide around on. :)

...or i guess sit on, as the case may be. it was great to visit my grandparents' house where said lake is located up in madison, virginia because i have not been there in years. california livin has kept me far away from these places i used to visit so often.

i had a very merry christmas, especially since i was able to come home. being on this side of the country, however, has not only given me a new burst of inspiration for the new year but also supplanted my west-coast-is-for-me feeling with a maybe-i-should-move-back-to-the-side-of-the-country-where-i-belong feeling. who knows, in a year i might be in new york or dc. or maybe i'll move north from california and reside in seattle or san fran. wherever i end up, i'm becoming more and more sure that southern california isn't the place for me to stay much longer.

on that note, if any of you out there needs a roommate in a lovely cool metropolitan city in the next half year on then you should speak to me right away. ;)

in the meantime, i am still furthering my education and getting a detailed background in professional photography from a school in orange county.

i hope you all have the happiest of holidays. 2010 is sure to be a wonderful year.

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Amber said...

dear boo,
i was just marveling at all the shots on your site i hadn't seen and thinking that the work you've done out there should really open doors in new york or wherever. in the meantime, i will continue to spread the gospel to anyone i know and also, you should set up a one-day headshot shoot while you're in new york for all the folks you know there.