Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Meghan in Mayhem

all photos by ryan burke

Photoshoot: Falling Newspapers
Date: November 20, 2006

I am sorry for my absence over the last month. Christmas break was sort of busy and I was not able to post properly for awhile. I'm back now and I have a few new photoshoots to post. This one is from back in November and it is of Meghan Pruitt. The final photo (which can be viewed in my site linked to at the top of this page) was supposed to be part of a series of photos featuring girls looking nonchalant while objects fall to one side of them. Unfortunately, I have far too many projects going on right now to be able to finish this series anytime soon but I hope to come back to it in the future. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these photos and I will post more photoshoots very soon.


Anonymous said...

hi, my name is Karen I live in VA Beach...Man u have an awesome talent. I want to be a photographer as well. I am truley inspired by your work =]

Anonymous said...


I, too, am inspired by your talent. Besides the joy of witnessing your art, it gives me something to look at while I pretend to work at work.

Keep it up, I always anticipate your latest pieces!

Lindsey Seipp