Saturday, July 08, 2006

Lauren Kosteski Photoshoot

-photos by ryan burke

Photoshoot: The Infamous Kosteski
Date: July 1st, 2006

Lauren was a friend of a friend (Amber, who I recently did a photoshoot with and posted photos from on May 25th) and she has now moved to New York. This photoshoot was a bit spur of the moment as I was down in Newport News for only one day to take care of some things. Lauren had been wanting a photoshoot since Amber's and I had been wanting to do photos of her for awhile because I thought she was so dynamic. The quickly scrapped together photoshoot was one of my best so far. Lauren was such a perfect person to photograph because she was so lively, and crazy, and drama-major-y. It's too bad we couldn't get more time than we did. It's also too bad that I didn't have enough room on my camera to hold all of Lauren's crazy self. But...I got what I got and I love the photos that came out of this. Hope you enjoy them.

Lauren Kosteski is the second in a serious of portraits I'm working on. Amber was the first. There will be a post about each shoot as they progress. I'm working on two new ones right now and then should be done and up in a week or so (i hope!).

Please visit the gallery (link's at the top of this page with some sample photos from it) to see more of Lauren as well as everyone else I've had the pleasure of photographing.


adam said...

i miss your lj photo posts taking up my friends page. i hadn't checked out your work in a while, but everything looks fantastic.

i miss my photography. since i got my minor thingie in it last semester, the camera has been sitting on the shelf.

stuff looks good!


Anonymous said...
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